Vivenda De Aqua- SQUARE DREAM HOMES, 1/65, Grand Marod, Survey No- 334/5, Saligao, Bardez, North Goa- 403511
+91 73 4000 2000

Goa's most coveted address is here - Luxury villas in the heart of North Goa

Witness a unique touch of warmth and luxury at one of the best luxury villas in Goa by Square Dream Homes, where each villa is exclusively built to suit your standards and meet your needs Innovative design thinking has reflected in every aspect of each villa at Vivenda De Aqua.

Living in a far-flung tropical paradise like Goa is a luxury in itself. With a coastal landscape that stretches across the west paralleled by the stunning Sahyadris towards the east, Goa has become one of the most sought after destinations for those seeking serene living. Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations that attracts people from all over the world. Rightly so, it is one of the most happening states in India most popularly known for its nightlife culture but like two sides of a coin, this tropical state has more than just raving parties to offer.

Goa is more than just beaches and nightlife, there's a lot more to explore here than what meets the eye. Ranked amongst the most desirable destinations in India to buy luxury homes in, Goa offers living a relaxed life with great accessibility. Away from touristy spots are serene villages lined up with green paddy fields that call for you to come experience a different side of paradise. One of these being the quaint village of Saligao.

Situated in the offbeat village of Saligao, Square Dream Homes’ private pool villas in North Goa balance out the dimensional quality of its location.

Saligao’s calming aura is contrasted by the bustling streets of Calangute located only a few miles away. A cluster of 10 independent villas surrounded by lush greenery, Vivenda De Aqua is where you can relax and enjoy the serene views of nature. A gated community with great accessibility, Square Dream Homes has built luxury villas in Goa that allow you to live close to nature which is a luxury we all desire.

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Redefining luxury homes in Goa, one step at a time

For more than 22 years, Square Group has had an exceptional run leading up to many opportunities along the way. With their superior craftsmanship throughout the years, they have earned the trust of their customers, and with Square Dream Homes, they have now entered the Indian real estate market.


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