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Premium Private Pool Villas in North Goa

Premium Private Pool Villas in North Goa

Tucked away in the midst of emerald green fields in Saligao, nestled in between palm trees stands the ever so magnificent Vivenda De Aqua. As you enter this luxurious private pool villa in Goa, your senses will be enveloped into a state of perpetual bliss, courtesy of the grand open layout that ensures the home is serenaded with plenty of warm sunshine at all times. Our pool villa in Goa, situated in Saligao is nothing short of a tropical paradise where you get to revel in the simple pleasures of nature.


Ditch The City Chaos For A Private Haven

If you wish to escape the outside world's hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in your own private pool of peace and serenity, all while enjoying the vibrant sunshine and the lush green fields of Saligao, then our luxury pool villa for sale in Goa is your best bet. These 4 BHK premium villas for sale in Goa come built-in with world-class modern amenities, a private garden, personalized parking and a lighted private pool that makes for a quintessential holiday home for you and your family.


Now with work from home being the new norm, our premium pool villa in Goa brings about a new work life balance. Buy a villa in North Goa is designed with its own private pool that you can enter right in from your living room.Vivenda De Aqua offers you the luxury of working by the poolside to beat those Monday blues and take a quick dip in between calls as and when you please.


Mundane city life will never offer you the luxury of spending time basking in the sunshine, especially now that being close to nature, having ample open space and endless greenery has quite rightly become the need of the hour. Inspired by the unparalleled beauty of our locations, our luxury pool villa for sale in Goa is designed to highlight every aspect of its surroundings. Buy a pool villa at Vivenda De Aqua that is exquisitely designed for you to come immerse yourself in an experience of true luxury.


But what are the biggest perks of owning a home by Square Dream Homes you ask? Well, the ability to get away to a tranquil beautiful destination without a second thought. Escape the chaos, commotion and stress of the city life only at Vivenda De Aqua. Celebrate life and create blissful memories with the ones you cherish at our premium villas now up for sale in North Goa.


Wish to know more on how you could buy a villa in North Goa? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our team who will guide you step by step through the entire process.